Northwest Wine Academy Brings the Italian Wine Scholar Study & Certification Program to Seattle, Washington!

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The Northwest Wine Academy is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Wine Scholar Guild credential course: The Italian Wine Scholar Study and Certification Program. This course offers you the opportunity to master Italian wines while obtaining a specialized wine certification.

The Italian Wine Scholar Study and Certification program provides up-to-date, extensive and precise information on the diverse wines and wine regions of Italy. Created by native Italian, Maurizio Brioggi, (Wine Scholar Guild Education Director for Italy) with the support of the Italian wine DOC/G consortia, this specialization program is designed for all advanced students of wine, whether wine professionals or serious wine enthusiasts.

Those who follow the in-depth curriculum and achieve a final passing score will earn the title of Italian Wine Scholar (IWS). Following this achievement, students are encouraged to use the post-nominal IWS as part of their professional signatures.  This IWS certification provides a validation of your Italian wine expertise and enhances your resume; it also serves as a point of distinction within the wine trade.

Julien Camus, president of the Wine Scholar Guild, states, “Italy vies with France as the #1 wine producing country in the world. Wines have been produced in Italy for over 3,000 years, and the quality and reputation of their wines have not stopped growing ever since. The unique combination of diverse terroirs, original grape varieties and an interesting mix of traditional and modern approaches makes the study of Italian wines an enriching and fascinating experience…and a must for all committed wine scholars!”

Tanya Morning Star Darling of the Northwest Wine Academy states: “This new program is the most comprehensive and detailed study program on Italian wines, bar none. The study and teaching materials are brilliant, and we are thrilled to bring this excellent course on Italian wines to Seattle!”

When: Our first session of will launch on April 3, 2018, and run on 11 Tuesdays until June 19th

Exam Dates: IWS Unit 1 exam – July 14, noon, IWS Unit 2 exam – August 11, noon

Where: Classes will be hosted at Northwest Wine Academy 6000 16th Ave SWSeattle, WA 98106

Who:  The program will be taught by Tanya Morning Star Darling, an approved IWS instructor.

Registration: Students must register through South Seattle College. Outside students can have pre-requisites waved.

Structure: The program includes 33 hours of classroom instruction with tutored tastings (18 hours for Unit 1, and 15 hours for Unit 2), the Italian Wine Scholar study manuals, one-year access to the IWS online study program and registration for the Italian Wine Scholar I & II exams.  Both Unit 1 & 2 will be taught back to back with a week’s break in between. Students will then take a study break before sitting each exam. During these study breaks review sessions will be available as well. 

For more information, contact Tanya Morning Star Darling, via email at


About the Wine Scholar Guild

The Wine Scholar Guild ( is an international provider of study and certification programs on the wines and wine regions of France, Italy and Spain. Their goal is to provide outstanding educational programming for the professional development of wine industry members and committed students of wine. They offer innovative and multi-faceted instruction through print, webinars, study trips and classes with tutored tastings via a unique international program provider network.


“Committed students of wine will love the Italian Wine Scholar manual. It’s exhaustive coverage of Italy’s regions, grape varieties and wine styles will only make you thirsty. Plus, extensive use of images, labels and detailed maps helps bring everything to life.”
Peter Marks Master of Wine, Vice President of Education at Constellation Academy of Wine

“I am very impressed with the first edition of the Italian Wine Scholar Unit 1 study manual which is well researched and thoughtfully laid out. The dense information is well organized and includes graphs, color photographs and wine labels, making it both visually appealing as well as informative. Given the sheer amount of information, it is a great idea to divide the course material into regions. I would recommend the Italian Wine Scholar study program for anyone who really wants to learn about the complex and fascinating wine regions of Italy.”
Jeannie Cho Lee Master of Wine, Award-winning author, wine critic and educator. Jeannie is Contributing Editor for Decanter

“The Italian Wine Scholar study manual is a comprehensive compilation of information for those who are truly interested in mastering Italian wines.  It is tightly edited and focused, with a great collection of maps and other graphics as well.”
Paul Wagner, Balzac Communication & Italian Wine Marketing specialist