Winemaking (Enology)

Learn the science of winemaking from start to finish. The Winemaking program teaches the basic knowledge and skills necessary to produce quality wines. Students study wine production from vine to bottle, including up-to-date winery practices and day-to-day operations.  They learn the chemistry of wine and how it can be used to affect winemaking decisions.  They also learn how viticulture practices affect wine quality.  In addition to classroom learning, students get hands-on experience by participating in a full year of winery operations in our state-of-the-art commercial teaching winery.

Grapes are donated by renowned growers throughout Washington State.  Students pick, sort, ferment and see the grapes through to the finished product. This program prepares students to pursue careers in the industry such as:

  • Winemaker
  • Assistant winemaker
  • Cellar master
  • Lab assistant/Enologist
  • Quality control assistant

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Wine Marketing & Sales

Learn what it takes to effectively market and promote wine.  The Wine Marketing & Sales program prepares students for a career involving selling wine to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and the public.  Students study marketing techniques, including packaging, pricing and branding of wines; explore the demographics of wine sales and marketing of brands throughout the world; and learn about compliance and government regulations.

Students gain practical experience by working in retail sales, packaging, advertising and promotion of wine in our on-campus tasting room.  Emphasis is placed on merchandising, marketing of products, labeling, online sales, inventory, government compliance, social media, and wine club.  Additionally, students work at our interactive wine release events, and are given opportunities to work at many industry events throughout Seattle and Washington State. Professionals already in the industry can expand their education and skills with certifications and knowledge of the newest trends.  Newcomers will receive an introduction to this important segment of the wine industry.

This program prepares students for immediate employment in wine sales positions such as:

  • Sales Representative Wholesale
  • Wine Steward Retail
  • Tasting Room Manager
  • Direct Sales Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Wine Merchandiser
  • Tourism
  • Online Sales

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Lenny in Cheese pairing class2

Food & Wine Pairing

Learn the language of wine and how to make the perfect match of food and wine.  Unique to the Northwest, the Food & Wine Pairing program specializes in the concepts of bridging the intricacies of food and wine.  Discover what constitutes a successful pairing; study what foods are compatible with various wine varietals; learn how to prepare a menu appropriate to your wine selections.

Students in this program utilize their training by preparing food and managing on-campus events.  Students also learn good service techniques and wine terminology.  These classes are intended for novices as well as for professionals who are expanding their level of knowledge and skills.

This program prepares students for immediate employment in wine sales positions such as:

  • Tasting Room Management
  • Compliance, marketing and office management
  • Wine Distributor Sales
  • Wine Education
  • Sommelier
  • Assistant Wine Program Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • Server
  • Wine Steward

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Degree Options

The programs of study at the Northwest Wine Academy are offered on two different levels:

  • Certificate Programs and
  • Degree Programs (AAS or AAS-T).

If you are a first-time student, meet with one of our Wine Academy instructors for more information about how to best match our programs with your goals. See Getting Started for more information.


Our program assists in finding internships with our wine industry partners which often leads to full-time employment.  Internships provide important industry networking and skill development opportunities.